MENGETUK Hati "Sayidil Rais"

MENGETUK hati "Sayidil Rais" melalui karya seni yang penuh kelembutan dan keindahan.

Hanya hati membatu yang tak akan pernah tersentuh mendengar lantunan suara hati anak Palestina ini...


Mr. President
Ramadhan Kareem
I invite your for iftar with me
if you find my home in the debris
and my mother shops her part
of bread and a broken heart

and Adzan is called
and church bells toll
to the same heavens
same God of all
and death boats
reach the land of dreams
with no children on the cover of magazines

Mr. President
A can't sleep
every time I close my eyes I hear the bombing
my bed with smoke and fire stars burning
fear from its hoding is freed
lullabies cry
and toys they bleed

Mr. President
toys bleed

Mr. President
we are the escapees
the shunned
and the guilty
accused of faith
and devotion
sentenced to extermination
our voice have been silenced
for making a faith declaration (syahadat)

Mr. President
our iftar will be in JERUSALEM
the capital of PALESTINE
as written in God's answer to the prayer of all time




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